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AxleTech is an innovative drivetrain solutions provider. We design and manufacture planetary axles for military and commercial applications – ranging from construction equipment to airport ground support. AxleTech designs axles to meet the specific application demands – we have over 1,000 different axle specifications in our current offering. Our 100+ year history of experience in providing the most robust solution for your axle needs is well known throughout the military and commercial industries. We pride ourselves in providing the solution to your most difficult applications. We not only service axle needs for OE production, we also offer complete axle assemblies for aftermarket replacement needs, as well.

Elektryczne osie: EPS785

Non-Drive Steerable Axles: FS25, FS12, FS14, FS20, FS18

Planetary Rigid Axles: Seria 3000, PRC265, Seria 4000, PRC671, Seria 5000, PRC673, PRC674, PRA352/358, PRC2715, PRC5225, PRC485, PRLC2186, PRLC847, PRC1735, PRLC1735, PRC1015, PRC1756, PRLC1752, PRLC1756, PRLC1794, PRLC3804, PRC3806, PRC7545, PXRC1756, Seria 6000

Planetary Rigid Tandem Axles: Seria 4000, Seria 5000, SPRW1736, SPRC1927, SPRC1937, SPRC2197, SPRC4806, Seria 6000

Planetary Steerable Axles: Seria 3000, Seria 4000, Seria 5000, PSC265, PSC484, PSC826, PSC1485, PSC1764, PSC1794, PSC2075, PSC5494

Portal Axles: Seria 3000, Seria 4000

T/A Series Axles: TA268, TA277

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AxleTech is a major original equipment supplier of braking products to leading off highway, military and specialty truck builders. AxleTech focuses on the brake needs of the most demanding vocations and duty cycles – from military armored vehicles to specialty vehicles like log haulers, fire trucks and industrial forklifts. And our latest addition in brake systems is in Motorsports for monster trucks, rock crawlers and mud bogging enthusiasts. If it goes, we can stop it!

We offer a wide array of assemblies and components within the brake and wheel end systems, for a variety of brake systems used in the military and commercial applications, such as:

  • Air disc brakes
  • Brake shoe kits
  • Cam brakes
  • Combination brakes (service & parking)
  • Hydraulic dry disc brakes
  • Hydraulic wet disc brakes
  • Park brakes
  • Wedge brakes
axletech oryginalne części
axletech oryginalne części


AxleTech provides differential carrier assemblies and components for off-highway, on-highway, and motorsports vehicle applications.

Major kit contains everything needed to build a new carrier Minor kit (NRP – No Ring and Pinion) includes everything except for the gear set. Sub-assemble a carrier ahead of time and complete it to the specific ratio that your customer needs just by adding the gear set.


Skrzynie biegów

Skrzynie biegów AxleTech są skonstruowane w taki sposób, aby sprostać wymaganiom kombinacji silnika i wysokim momencie obrotowym, zapewniając niezawodną obsługę w różnych zawodach o wysokiej mobilności.

Two-Speed Transfer Cases: T232, T600, T750, T1224, T800

axletech oryginalne części